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Wakker Dier - Levend strippen is niet OK
Wakker Dier
Revolver Media Productions
Datum eerste publicatie:
Online Campagne


Hanneke van Ormondt (Wakker Dier) Raymond van der Kaaij (Revolver Media Productions)
Interaction Design:
Sven Schuiling (Page71)
Technische realisatie:
Sven Schuiling (Page71)
Raymond van der Kaaij (Revolver Media Productions), Wouter van Doorn (Revolver Media Productions)
Verantwoordelijk bij klant:
Hanneke van Ormondt (Wakker Dier)



Case omschrijving: Online Campagne

Ancilla Tilia, Hollands best known fetish model and elected Most Sexy Vegetarian 2008, promised to strip live, online, on Monday July 22nd at 19.30 hours, for the good cause. The strip show was promoted on blogs like Flabber, radio shows like Ruud de Wild, on Hyves, Facebook and Twitter and various online magazines.

At exactly the announced time, a movie, that indeed has a steamy starting point, begun to play. In the movie the model takes her clothes off to a sexy strip tune. All of a sudden, a fisherman comes up, slaps her cruelly to the ground and cuts her open. Actor Horace Cohen plays the role of fisherman that 'strips her alive'.
Voor/over product of dienst
For foundation Wakker Dier, Revolver Media produced a controversial viral campaign. With the campaign, Wakker Dier wanted to draw attention to the cruel stripping of alive fish. According to Wakker Dier, fish are still alive when their intestines are removed, when they are being frozen or when they are drenched in salt. The most important goals of the campaign were to stimulate the public discussion and to obtain media attention.