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Honda Some things can't be shared
Honda Nederland
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Social Media


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Case omschrijving: Social Media

Honda’s social media presence has been more functional than inspirational. All the boxes were checked: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, but we needed to make people want to come together on Honda’s behalf and create a community. We sparked a movement where people were unafraid to make a statement for their Honda loyalty.

But a community needs to grow. Especially when a recommendation from a friend is a more powerful marketing message than something that is company-produced. Our challenge was to keep grow the community giving people a chance to take their statement of loyalty beyond their car door and put it on their online persona.

We used the new Civic and launched a Social media activation challenging fans all over The Netherlands to create a movie to convince a friend to go test-drive the new Honda Civic. We created example inspiration videos; from simple to high value TV production as The Hangover theme viral which was also broadcasted on Discovery Channel
Voor/over product of dienst
The New Honda Civic is the next gen Civic car introduced early 2012
Honda understands that once a person test-drives a new Civic, the experience of driving the car is enough to make most sales. In this case, though, we don’t need Honda owners to test-drive the car but we need their friends to do it! Their experiences, interactions and recollections with the vehicle make them the fans they are today.

They are our most important advocates and love to tell people what they think about Honda. We wanted to give them a place to do that, but as much as we wanted them to do it in a way that would make sense to complete strangers as well. We were asking Honda owners to put themselves out there and make a few new friends and help us tell people why they should buy a Honda.

The payoff? The “filmmaker” with the best movie drives away with not one but two Honda Civics, one for him/her, one for the friend — because after all …

“… Some Things Can’t Be Shared.”