Young Talent International


The SpinAwards (founded back in 1998) are the leading awards for creative digital thinking in Amsterdam. We believe Young Talent is an essential part of creativity and innovation. Therefore we have already been helping and rewarding Young Talent in the Netherlands for many years. In 2016 we took the next step by not only challenging Dutch students to showcase their digital talent but by bringing International students to the mix.

Young Talent Finals
We have designed an inspiring programme including a three day finals in Amsterdam. All students of participating schools can join by submitting their best digital creative work. This year thirteen teams were nominated.

What are the criteria for winning?
The jury takes the following aspects into consideration while assessing the cases:

  • How creative, surprising, distinctive and appealing is the case?
  • Is the case innovative?
  • Is the case interactive?
  • Explanation of the (creative) choices and the medium used - Is the case financially feasible? (no business plan needed, but the jury must be given the idea that it is feasible)
  • Is it technologically feasible?
  • How is the case presented?
  • Does the case inspire the Digital Industry?

The judges give points on the following components:
- Creativity, counts for 50% of the total score
- Financial feasible, counts for 25% of the total score
- Pitch, counts for 25% of the total score

SpinAwards Young Talent 2016-2017
Are you interested in joining as a school or student? Or do you want more information? Please contact us at: or +31 6 34 96 78 11

Young Talent Sponsors

  • HAN
  • NHTV
  • WDKA
  • HVA
  • Fontys
  • Universiteit Twente
  • HU
  • Manchester School of Art
  • MediaMonks
  • Dog & Pony
  • Pakhuis de Zwijger
  • MediaStages
  • Google
  • Greenberry